The problem of the Board Game Snob

I've played games with many a gamer over the years I’ve gamed. Most times it’s been a GREAT experience, sometimes though there’s one gamer type that has managed to irritate me, that gamer is 'the board game snob'. Now we're all entitled to an opinion, I don't like Hive as a game, most people love it, I personally find it a plastic pushing chore. Thing is, I don't put the people down that do like it, I'm glad they like it, anything that's fun for them makes me happy.

Hive game tabletop tile gameHive… plastic monotony.. to me.. I’m glad you like it.

The board game snob though looks down his nose, rolling his oh so judgmental eyes at his fellow gamers, calling them out with disdain, because the board game snob you see, knows best. You've probably come across a board game snob, it's the guy (and I'll point out I use guy / he / his collectively to mean male or female gamer) who says things like Oh, you play Monopoly then laughs in condescension at your poor life choice. This is the guy who thinks heavy games are the only real games, or that strategy games are the only real games, or that trivia games aren't real games, or Cluedo is a nonsense.

Daniel Craig playing MonopolyMonopoly, just because you hate it….

The guy who won't play a game because it's not deep enough. Or he won't play a family game because, well, reasons.

I don't get it, who cares what someone else likes if it isn't hurting anyone else or causing someone pain? If someone loves playing Monopoly, we should be supporting it and perhaps giving a little nudge towards other similar games, to show them more of the hobby, not berating them and making them feel foolish. The more people in the hobby, the better it is for all of us, right?

Next time you hear a board game snob making someone feel like a dick for liking something, say something, be the white hat. You don’t have to be aggressive, just a gentle “come on mate it’s not that bad” might do that trick.

Next time I’ll be looking at the rules snob. Won’t that be fun?