Kickstarter highlights end of may 2017

We realise we do posts on Kickstarter a fair bit, but it's because we don't want you to miss anything we think is awesome on there. Today we're going to list a few of the hotter projects presently lighting up the Tabletop area of Kickstarter.

Let's start with:
Roll Player Expansion: Monsters & Minions
Roll Player is a 1-4 player fantasy dice game from Keith Matejka and it's had great reviews since it first released. Now the expansion is up on Kickstarter AND if you missed Roll Player the first time around you can also back the reprint along with the expansion.

Deep Space D-6
If you missed Deep Space D-6 and you're a bit of a solo-gamer you probably kicked yourself, but fear not, it's now back up on Kickstarter thanks to high demand. Again great feedback for this one, so it might be worth your attention.

Hand of Fate Ordeals
We're hoping to get our hands on this shortly for a full review and rundown for you, but in the meantime, check it out on Kickstarter. This is an Aussie project and it looks really sweet!

Meanders 2 Digital Sci-Fi Maps Kris over at the Game Tile Warehouse is an Aussie bloke with an unlimited mind for really cool RPG tiles. His latest project live on Kickstarter is Meanders 2 and if you're into tabletop gaming, they're worth a look.

Sine Tempore Sine Tempore is blistering Kickstarter presently, funding in minutes and still going at over 400% funding. A co-operative miniatures game that features custom dice and three-dimensional game elements, we think you might want to check this one out based purely on momentum.

We also let you know about Code Triage, Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama and Carthage earlier in the week. All worthy of a look whilst they're still live.

We hope you've liked this Kickstarter highlights post.