Threads the knitting game by Cosmic Wombat Games

If you haven’t heard of “Threads”, a knitting game by Jeff Cornelius of Cosmic Wombat Games, don’t be disheartened, there’s only one copy of it in the world and it belongs to his girlfriend Reddit user tricksy_trixie.

Jeff made the beautiful game for her for Christmas because she’s a self confessed “avid knitter and a casual to mid-level board gamer”. The beautiful prototype was done by The Game Crafter and it’s astonishingly good. We can only assume Jeff (the SO) is perhaps a graphic designer in his day job because the entire thing just looks beautiful to the eye (as does his other game “Stones of Fate”).

Cosmic Wombat Games Threads knitting board game by Jeff Cornelius - Australian tabletop game news and reviewsThreads the knitting game by Cosmic Wombat Games – Looks a cracker!

Though Trixie admits she hasn’t actually played it yet, she did put feelers out on Reddit to see if people thought “Threads” would be worthy of perhaps a Kickstarter. The response has been pretty great with most people – us included – thinking playtesting is in order, then sure! A game can look fantastic, but it can still be a pile of rubbish, so here’s to lots of playtesting.

Threads knitting board game by Cosmic Wombat Games knitting board game - Australian tabletop game news and reviewsThreads the knitting game. Here’s hoping the playtesting comes off well.

Here’s the basic rules of the game. Each player is trying to complete knitting projects by trading in yarn cards for stitch tiles and placing them on the project card grid. Players have a hand of 6 colored yarn cards and can store yarn cards on the table in front of them (destash pile) that can be used later or traded with other players. On your turn, you can either draw three new yarn cards from the stack, trade yarn from your hand or destash pile with other players’ available destash cards, or trade in any number of yarn cards from your hand or destash for stitch tiles to place on your project. Any tiles that you take have to be immediately placed in your project and you score points based on color usage and placement. Once a project is completed there are bonus points for finishing it and the player can get a new project card to fill. There are six types of projects in the game and each one is worth a different number of bonus points based on colors used, the first person to complete it, etc.

Knitting boardgame Threads by Cosmic Wombat Games knitting board game - Australian tabletop game news and reviewsLet’s get knitting! Threads the board game, could it be a reality? We hope so.

Playtesting is set to take place with Trixie’s friends in the coming weeks. We have our fingers crossed it plays even half as good as it looks and wish Cosmic Wombat Games all the luck in the world with this lovely little project.

Could we see “Threads” from Cosmic Wombat Games on shelves late this year or next? Who knows, but we hope so, after all who doesn’t love the Australian tie-in of a Cosmic Wombat!

Sources: Reddit / Imgur.