Trick taking card game Tichu gets the once over in this weeks Core Mechanic episode - Board game mechanics:

Our man Dave is back with another episode of The Core Mechanic. This week he's looking at trick-taking card game Tichu. According to Dave, arguably one of the best trick taking games you will ever play.

Number 52 on Mike Selinker's list is a multi-genre card game; primarily a shedding game that includes elements of Bridge, Daihinmin, and Poker played between two teams of two players each.

"In the end Tichu is going to be a hard game to beat when it comes to any trick-taking game - Dave"

If you're at all interested in what makes games tick, The Core Mechanic is a great series covering a huge swathe of games in an in depth manner. Now let's take a look at Tichu....