Ticket to Ride: First Journey

“Ticket to Ride” is a great introductory game for non gamers and now it’s set to become something special for younger gamers too. Asmodee NA / Days of Wonder has announced “Ticket to Ride” First Journey”, a cute, cut down, kids version of “Ticket to Ride”. For ages 6+ “Ticket to Ride” First Journey” features cute artwork on the board, smaller routes and a more simple rule set.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey - Ticket to Ride for kids / beginnersTicket to Ride: First Journey – How adorable is this exactly?!

Now the whole family can enjoy the classic, award winning Ticket to Ride in this Target Exclusive. Build routes while seeing major monuments throughout North America fun for all ages! Contains an ALL NEW Game Board, 80 Trains, 72 Train Cards and 32 Ticket Cards! 4 Coast-to-Coast Bonus Ticket Cards and 1 Golden Ticket! The first player to complete 6 Tickets is the winner!

In the U.S. the game is a Target exclusive, though we would expect to see it elsewhere without too much of an ado. Given this is a “Ticket to Ride” title, it will no doubt hit Aussie shores some time after it hits U.S. shelves.

Ticket to Ride First Journey kids version of Ticket to Ride board game - Board setupTicket to Ride: First Journey looks VERY familiar indeed, but certainly kidified enough.

2-4 Players
15-30 Min Playing Time
Age: 6+

U.S. MSRP is $34.99.