Traced board game box art in Ticket to Ride New York and Cluedo?

One of our other writers noticed some striking similarities between one of her favourite TV shows and a new board game. The TV show in question is Mad Men and the new game, Ticket to Ride: New York.

This wasn't the first time she'd noticed striking similarities between board game art and TV characters, but this one was so obvious that when overlayed, some of the images almost matched perfectly.

Take a look at the Don Draper type on the Ticket to Ride New York cover of the male business man.

ticket to ride new york don draper

Next up there's the clothes on the woman to the right, she seems to be wearing something Peggy wore, mixed with another character called Dawn, again from Mad Men.

ticket to ride new york peggy from mad men

Next up one we imagine most - if not all gamers - over a certain age noticed straight away. Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli from hit TV series Happy Days.

ticket to ride new york arthur fonzarelli

Kiss curl aside, it's a pretty striking similarity? The entire cover could be said to be Mad Men with a Fonzie ayyy! Though the woman in blue is dressed differently, her stance is certainly similar to Mad Men character Joan.

ticket to ride new york cover art mad men and the fonze

This isn't the first time one of us has noticed striking similarities in game art / actors. If you follow us on Facebook you may remember the Matthew Perry / Cluedo image we posted some time ago...

matthew perry in cluedo?

You can see Angela's video below, where she poses the question, is board game art tracing a thing? (side note there's also a weekly news wrap-up as well).

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