T.I.M.E Stories Expedition Endurance preview from Asmodee

If you’re like us and you’re eagerly awaiting the release of the next T.I.M.E Stories expansion / scenario we’ve got news! We reported back in October it would be release Q1 and Asmodee have confirmed that’s the case, along with a sweet preview.

In Expedition: Endurance, your receptacle is one of the crew of the doomed Endurance. Something has gone wrong with the expedition, and you must travel back to the year 1914 to close whatever temporal rift you may find aboard the ship or in the Antarctic wilds beyond.

Gah! Excited, if you want to read the entire preview in detail, head over to Asmodee’s page and check it out (we didn’t want to do one of those reworded articles as it’s better straight from the horses as they say).

Snow boots CHECK!
Pitons CHECK!
Jacket CHECK!
Sanity Loss CHECK! …. Hey.. wait a minute!