Timeline card game – Game Review

Love trivia games? “Timeline” is a basic trivia card game based – unsurprisingly – on timelines, that is, when things occurred throughout history. That’s it, there’s no tokens, no building, just know your history and get rid of your cards in the correct order. The cool thing about the “Timeline” series is there are loads of different decks already available and they cover numerous topics. For the sake of this review we’ve played two of the “Timeline” tins, “Timeline: Diversity” and “Timeline: Inventions”.

First published by Asmodee back in 2010, “Timeline” is designed by Frédéric Henry (The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus). Each set comes in a tin containing 110 cards. Each card is double sided, one side with the event and some nice artwork, the other with the year of the event and the same nice artwork. Simple!

Asmodee Timeline card game review by Gameapalooza Australia - Cards Front BackThe front and back of the cards in Timeline. Make sure they’re all the right way up!

Setup & Gameplay
Setup – like the game mechanics – is extremely simple. Shuffle the cards date side down, each player is dealt 4 cards a piece (we played with 7 cards each to give the games longevity). The cards are laid out in front of them, date side down, needless to say you cannot look at the other side! The card pile is left in the middle of the table, with the top card removed and turned over (date side up) in the play area. This is the start card, players now take turns (starting with the youngest) to play their cards where they think they go in the “Timeline” with play occurring clockwise, cards laid in a line.

Gameplay is easy, get it right, your hand gets smaller, get it wrong, discard the card and draw the top card adding it to your hand. The gameplay gets harder as you go because the timeline becomes busier, with gaps between years becoming smaller. First player to lay all their cards wins.

Asmodee Timeline card game review by Gameapalooza Australia - Game TinsThe cards come in really nice tins, some cool artwork.

Game Build Quality
The build quality is really nice. The lidded tin is robust and features really nice artwork that’s raised up, which looks amazing, downside, you can’t stack them because they wobble, which is a teeny tiny complaint. The cards are beautifully made, though they are small when compared to a regular deck (about half the size). The tin insert is felted plastic, a really nice touch.

2-8 Players
Ages: 8+
Play Time: 10-15 mins approx
Setup Time: minimal

Aussie Pricing:
In the US the “Timeline” games retail for around $15USD ($10USD on Amazon), in Aussie game stores expect to pay around $27-$30AUD for the pleasure (that converts to $20-$22USD at time of writing).

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – The Timeline series are for people who love their trivia, or those looking for a simple game. A good game if you want to sneak a little learning in with your family game day sessions. Beautifully made, simple to play, it’s a nice little addition with loads of add-ons. Is it a must buy? It’s cheap enough that you can get one and see if you like it and that’s what we’d suggest, don’t dive in with all sets straight off the bat. [/authorinfo] [/author]