Tiny Park by HABA games. TL;DR Board game review:

Tiny Park HABA dice game TLDR game review

Tiny Park is a tile placement / push your luck dice game for 2-4 players, ages 5+ (though I played with a 4 year old for this review no problem).

Gameplay in Tiny Park could not be easier, you roll 5 dice trying to match the symbols on the uppermost tiles in the center of the play area.

Tiles come in various shapes and are split into 6 piles of the same type. In a push your luck manner, you can settle for a smaller piece with a die / dice match(es), or set aside certain die matches and aim for more to get a bigger piece. You roll up to 3 times and if you fail to match after the 3rd roll, you get nothing.

Match a piece, place it in your park, first to fill their entire park area is the winner and there is the only downside of Tiny Park, luck, be it good or bad will dictate most game outcomes.

Tiny Park is a fun little 10 minute gameplay experience for anyone, though probably better with / for kids. HABA are known for quality and that's still the case here. The only downside is you need to sticker the dice.

Definitely one to check out if you have young gamers in your life.