Hints & Tips for Tabletop Games Day

Hosting a board game day / Tabletop Day can be very rewarding, but it doesn’t go off without a hitch unless you at least try and plan a few elements. Between us we’ve hosted quite a number in our time so we’ve collated our best top tips for hosting a great Tabletop board games day.

Tabletop Game Day Know Your Games:
First up, make sure you know how to play most if not all of the games you’re playing on the day. If someone has a question, you don’t want to be pawing through rules or youtube to find the answer. We tend to host games we’ve played before. This way you also know they’re good games.

Tabletop Game Day Don’t Know all the Games:
…But make sure someone does. It seems to fly in the face of our last point, but bare with. Get your friends to bring over games they think are awesome! Expand your scope. You might just find another gem to add to your collection.

Tabletop Game Day Short & Sweet:
Though you might want to set up a few big games that last awhile, games that don’t take forever to play generally work out better. This frees people up for chat, refreshments and to play more games if they want to try something new or an old favourite.

Tabletop Game Day Snacks / Food:
Every tabletop games day needs snacks and drinks. Some of our tabletop gaming sessions have run from 2pm until after midnight. Needless to say you and your fellow gamers are going to get peckish. There are a couple of cool ways to broach this. 1. Have a BBQ in the afternoon before gaming, or 2. Snacks while you game. When choosing snacks whilst gaming, go for non sticky / greasy things. Chips (crisps), crackers / dips, sweets etc. Things you can grab, eat and continue playing without ruining your gaming pieces / boards. If you’re having pizza remember to keep kitchen roll to hand, not much worse than packing up at nights end and seeing your favorite game board plastered in pizza fingers!!

Tabletop Game Day FUN:
The most important rule for hosting your own tabletop board games day is to ensure everyone is having fun. If you see someone struggling, help them. If someone wants to try a new game they brought along, try and make time to play it. If someone wants to play a particular game you own, try and fit that in. If people are having fun, your games day will be awesome. Obviously you might not be able to accommodate everyone, but it’s worth trying.

Great games for loads of players
The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow (8-18)
Cards Against Humanity (3-20+)
Ultimate Werewolf (7-75)

Got any other hints and tips for hosting a tabletop gaming day? Drop them in the comments like an awesome helpful type person.