Lobotomy board game by Titan-Forge

Titan-Forge might be most well known for their beautiful miniatures, but they’ve had a little foray into the board game arena before and here they are again. Their latest is offering is “Lobotomy” and it all sounds rather grim.

Lobotomy board game Titan-Forge Oh yes, yes please Titan-Forge give us a Lobotomy!

“Lobotomy” is an escape game, where the players need to escape from an insane asylum. Needless to say things will be standing in your way, but are they real or is it all in your scrambled mind? You’ll also have to deal with the asylum workers we would imagine.

Titan-Forge board game Lobotomy hits Kickstarter Aug 1We’ve never wanted a Lobotomy so bad. How about you?

We really like the sound of this one and it sounds like it will be a cooperative escape effort! Even though there’s not a lot of information about it yet, we’re pumped!!
“Lobotomy” hits Kickstarter August 1.