Felinia – TL;DR Board Game Review

Felinia TL;DR board game review

Felinia is a trading game set in the mythical realm of – unsurprisingly – Felinia. Part of the Gold Trilogy from Matagot Games, Felinia sees players collecting, trading and exploring to establish the best trade routes and become the richest merchant.

Head to market, purchase goods, exchange goods, head to the harbor and when the ships are full, set sale across the sea. Once the rules click this is a nice little gateway trading game. It's enjoyable and fun, but by no means the best trading / set collection game available (not even close). What it definitely is though is eyecatchingly beautiful. At the games day we played this at for review almost everyone asked what it was and commented on the boats / overall look of the game.

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The feline theme suggested by the box art and name (the capital is called Katzburg!) is sadly lacking and seems sort of pasted on, so if you're thinking of buying this game for that reason, maybe don't judge a book by its cover. That aside this is a good game, not great, but good.

  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 10+¨
  • Setup Time: A few minutes
  • Play time: Approx 60 minutes.