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Lost Cities card game TLDR game review If a tabletop game is good, it will get a reprint (most times), Lost Cities is one such game. A two-player set collecting / hand management game, Lost Cities sees players take on the roles of explorers traversing the globe to various archaeological dig sites.

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A popular game for couples, Lost Cities is a simple game to learn and play, but it also has a special kind of magic. Play revolves around the intrepid archaeologists gazing at their hand of eight cards, each with a number and colored scene (yellow, red, green, blue and white). Lay cards of matching color to the various sites, in number order low to high. The scoring catch? You start at minus twenty, so your expeditions need to make at least that much. So as the grail knight once said “choose wisely”.

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Lost Cities is a beautiful, thematic little game, great for partners, great for anyone. Strategy, luck and a whole load of fun, buy it.

2 Players
Ages: 10+
Setup Time: 1 minute
Play Time: 25 minutes

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