Mysterium board game TL;DR Review

Mysterium board game TLDR review Welcome to Mysterium (aka Tajemnicze Domostwo), it’s been 30 years since the murder at Mysterium Manor and you’ve been requested by new owner Mr. MacDowell to use your clairvoyant skills to uncover the mystery. Who is this unfortunate ghost, who killed them, where and with what. Well, lucky for you that ghost wants to communicate with you, through visions.

Really want to stay away from the cliche of “this is Cluedo meets Dixit!”, but it is, so if you’ve played those games you’ll know if you’ll like this, if you haven’t, let’s continue.

The ghost player, plays vibrant / dream like cards to the clairvoyants, trying to give them visions that will indicate whatever it is they’re trying to discover (namely the who, where and weapon).

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A beautiful and deceptively hard game Mysterium is a great cooperative experience. If you’re looking for something a little different, something very thematic, with a non taxing gameplay mechanic, definitely give Mysterium a try. One for veteran gamers and non-gamers alike. Try it and get you seance on!

  • Players: 2-7
  • Ages: 10+
  • Setup Time: 5 minute
  • Play Time: 45 minutes