Ninja Dojo Fight! card game a TL;DR Review

Ninja Dojo Fight TLDR game review

“Ninja Dojo Fight!” comes to us from Australian designer and publisher Rule & Make. The overall premise is simple, prove you’re the best ninja on the block, err dojo. How do you do that? Simple, break into the dojo and try and find the best weapon you can.

ninja dojo fight! card game by Rule & Make - Game review by Australian tabletop news and reviews site Gameapalooza

A small card game, players try and work out what the other players have in their inventory (with some cards being face down). You can use reveal actions, take actions and of course there’s a fight phase. Players can also clash. It’s easy and it’s fast.

“Ninja Dojo Fight!” is a micro card game, so it’s a small deck in a small tick box. A nice little warm up game and more quality from Rule & Make, but is it something we'll play a lot? No, but if you like card games and want to support an Aussie company, give it a go. Don’t care about the Aussie connection? Opt for Hanabi or Love Letter.

  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 8+
  • Setup Time: Under 1 minute
  • Play Time: 8-15 minutes