Cards Against Humanity TL;DR Review

Cards Against Humanity TLDR game review

If you are the more mature gamer (over 18 years) and you haven’t tried “Cards Against Humanity” yet (or CAH as it’s affectionately known), it’s a fun game (until it isn't). Easy to set up, simple to play and most importantly a LOT of fun the first 10 times you play it (or so). You do need to have a high threshold for vulgarity, since the aim of the game is to play your cards and be the most funny / vulgar / horrible person you can with the options you have (and your options are probably vile).

Cards Against Humanity Review

Cards Against Humanity is some of the best fun you can have with a large group of gaming / non gaming friends who have an open mind. It’s rude, it’s crude and it’s dead easy to learn and play. Nab a copy now ya filthy animal, oh and there’s even an Australian edition, huzzah!! It just won't last you forever.

  • Ages: Adult ONLY
  • 3 to 20+ Players
  • Setup Time a couple of minutes