TL;DR Review Patchwork board game

Patchwork TLDR game review

We were playing “Patchwork” over the weekend and felt an overwhelming urge to share with you our thoughts on this tile-laying game by designer Uwe Rosenberg and artist Klemens Franz.

Patchwork board game review Uwe Rosenberg tabletop game - Gameapalooza Australia

The gameplay in “Patchwork” is simple enough, 2 players compete to purchase tiles to fill in their own 9×9 game boards, patchwork / Tetris style. During setup patches are randomly placed in a circle around the track, meaning every game is different. Players earn buttons (the currency/points in the game) the player with the most buttons at the end wins.

In a nutshell “Patchwork” is a must buy game, it’s short, sweet, fun and kind of charming. Gameplay is easy, meaning this is great for beginners, but there’s enough depth that veterans will enjoy it also. A great little game if you’re looking for something to play with a partner or friend. Perfect for gamers looking for a cool two-player game. Buy it!

  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 8+
  • Setup Time: 2 minutes
  • Play Time: 15-30 minutes (per game)

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