Sheriff of Nottingham bluffing card game TL;DR Review

Sheriff of Nottingham bluffing game TLDR review

The Sheriff of Nottingham might be most well known for causing Robin Hood problems (and vice versa), but in tabletop gaming land the Sheriff of Nottingham is known for trying to stop contraband getting through the city gates and for making players laugh.

Sheriff of Nottingham tabletop game review - Sheriff of Nottinghame game box

Sheriff of Nottingham sees players try and bluff their way passed the Sheriff (players take turns taking on that role). Each player had an felt enveloped they can put their cards in. Will they put regular goods like bread and cheese in there, or will they try and slip some contraband by the Sheriff.

This is a game you need in your collection. It's well made, nice artwork, a heap of fun even for tabletop n00bs. If you’re looking for a great bluffing game and you lack the large groups something like “Werewolf” calls for, “Sheriff of Nottingham” is just the ticket!

  • Players: 3-5
  • Ages: 13+
  • Play Time: 50-60 mins approx
  • Setup Time: minimal