Stratego Waterloo 200 Years game a TL;DR Review

Stratego Watrloo 200 years board game review TL;DR

A 2-player tactical war game, Stratego Waterloo lets players relive and refight the Battle of Waterloo by leading troops as either Emperor Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington.

If you’re thinking Stratego Waterloo is one of those 4 day wargames wherein you’re left thinking “OMFG why did I agree to play this” it isn’t. As wargames go Stratego Waterloo isn’t hugely heavy, unsurprising given it is available in regular stores as well as specialty game stores.

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We wouldn’t call Waterloo Stratego light by any means, but this is a wargame you could introduce non gamers to without them wanting to pull their hair out. Sure you need to be able to tactically think about your moves, but there’s something sort of refined about it. Once you know the rules, you’re good to go and let the battle commence.

The quality of it is great, the play was smooth and it’s not priced out at around $60AUD. If you’re looking for a good basic historical battle title, we’d say definitely check out Stratego Waterloo, it’s not the best wargame title out there, but it's a classic mass marketed game which is simple to grasp for beginners.

  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 12+
  • Setup Time: 5 minutes
  • Play Time: 45 – 120 minutes