Telestrations game a TL;DR Review

Telestrations TLDR game review

Telestrations is a drawing game with a difference, it's actually good! Well we kind of gave this review away there didn't we, but you want to know why it's good, right? In Telestrations players each have a spiral bound laminated flip book, and a whiteboard style marker. A word is written on the first page, along with the players name and the game begins. Passing all books clockwise to the next player, they must draw a picture version of the word on the next page, books are then passed again and in the new round players look at the image and write a word / words for what it is and so this continues until all books have been to all players.

Telestrations tabletop game review by gameapalooza australia

Needless to say Telestrations is therefore hilarious because you're essentially playing Chinese whispers with images and words, so usually, by the time the book gets back to you, you've gone from your original word to something completely bizarre at the end. This is where the fun of Telestrations comes in. It is absolutely hilarious to see what people thought each image was and the bizarre journey that takes players on.

Honestly we can't recommend Telestrations highly enough. This is one of those games hard core gamers (of which we too are) may snub their noses at, but that's in error. We laughed to the point of tears during some games. It's a whole lot of fun with gamers and non gamers alike. Get it.

  • Players: 4-8
  • Ages: 12+
  • Setup Time: 2 minutes
  • Play Time: 30 minutes (player dependent)