TL;DR Review The Game: Spiel… so lange du kannst! game

The Game: Spiel… so lange du kannst! TLDR game review

Let’s get it out of the way first shall we “The Game” is a silly name. Now that’s been said, “The Game” comes to us from designer Steffen Benndorf and was one of the three nominees in this years prestigious Spiel des Jahres awards (along with “Machi Koro” and winner “Colt Express”). Given that’s the case, you already know this is probably a nice little game.

The overall premise of “The Game” is simple, get rid of all the cards in play, both in the draw deck and from your hand(s). A sort of co-operative Solitaire with a twist. The twist? You have to discard them onto four start piles, two beginning at 1 and working upward and two beginning at 100 and working downward. The other catch, you can’t discuss what’s in your hand, you can only suggest that perhaps you like one of the piles more than another.

The Game: Spiel... so lange du kannst! Review - Gameapalooza Australia

The only rule outside of this is the wind up or down rule, if you play a card that is exactly 10 lower than the presently shown card on the ascending pile it winds it back by ten and vice versa for the descending pile.

It sounds like “The Game” is simple to play and it is. Anyone can play this, including complete non gamers. Simple to learn, easy to play and hard to master. “The Game” is a must have filler game for your collection. Get it!

  • Players: 2-5
  • Ages: 8+
  • Setup Time: 1 minutes
  • Play Time: 15-20 minutes

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