Too Many Cinderellas Game Review

We’re back with another Aussie published game review, this time we’re looking at “Too Many Cinderellas” from Grail Games. A 2-4 player card game, “Too Many Cinderellas” is part of the rather neat Mike line of games from Grail Games, all in matching sized boxes and numbered.

Too Many Cinderellas car game by Grail Games - Tabletop game reviews AustraliaToo many Cinderellas by Grail Games – Who will get the hand of the prince?

Setup & Gameplay
So the prince is trying to find Cinderella after seeing her at that ball. The townsfolk overhear he’s on the lookout for her and think, well that wouldn’t be a bad gig, being Cinderella, so they set out to convince the prince they’re who he is searching for.

A bit meh though the premise may be, don’t be put off. The deck consists of 18 cards (numbered 1-18) each showing various Cinderella contenders (some unlikely). Players each get 4 cards at the beginning of play, along with a YES token and a NO token. For the sake of play, the iconography and information on the top part of the card is what’s important to you. This information consists of your Cinderellas attributes, maybe she’s a he, maybe she loves ice-cream, maybe she’s a teen (creepy prince).

Too Many Cinderellas car game by Grail Games - Tabletop game reviews AustraliaLook at all these Cinderellas… way too many!

The information on the bottom of the card is what’s important when the card is played openly to the table. Cards have rumors / information on them about said contender, example she doesn’t like cake or she has black hair. When these cards are played to the table players vote on them, a full yes vote means that fact is now set in stone, if someone votes No! that fact is no longer applicable (These rules apply for the most part). Contenders are voted on and things become more and more narrowed down until each player has two cards left. Once things are narrowed down and a final card is played you work out who the real Cinderella was (and hopefully he or she is your card).

Too Many Cinderellas car game by Grail Games - Tabletop game reviews Australia by GameapaloozaToo Many Cinderellas – Yes or no? Use your votes wisely.

There’s a few other little rules, but that’s the general gist of play. Needless to say setup for this game is seconds long and once you’ve played it a few times it is FAST.

When gamers think of small, quick card games they will usually leap to “Love Letter”, but “Too Many Cinderellas” shouldn’t be ignored, it’s actually a fun little filler game or warm up game. Easy to teach, a nice little tactical title that you’re not going to play all the time, but it’s certainly nice enough to have in your collection.

Add to this it’s part of that Mike Collection from Grail Games and you might just want to fill out those numbers on your shelf if you have any of the others in the set.

Tabletop game reviews Australia Too Many Cinderellas car game by Grail GamesMike… damn, we need to fill that gap!

Game Build Quality
“Too Many Cinderellas” is a small box game, but what is there is nicely made, great sturdy box, nice stock cards, solid wooden tokens and little plastic gems, it’s all top quality. If we had to look for a negative it would be an aesthetic one, that box art is just not nice, which is a real shame.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Great the way it is!

2-4 Players
Ages: 10+
Setup Time: Under a minute
Play Time: 10 minutes

Overall we really enjoyed “Too Many Cinderellas” for what it is, a quick, light, tactical game for beginners and veterans alike. Check it out if you get the opportunity and particularly if you’re after a really fast fun little game. Just don’t be put off by that odd box art.

Now.. where’s that glass slipper.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Too Many Cinderellas is a nice little game that plays fast and is fun. It’s not a game you’ll play all the time, but it makes for a really nice light filler or warm-up game. Check it out if you get the chance.
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