Tower of Madness from Smirk & Dagger Games:

Every now and again a game comes out with a component so beautiful you have to take a second look. Smirk & Dagger games have nailed that with their upcoming game Tower of Madness.

Investigate Unspeakable Horrors, Without Losing Your Marbles! Literally.

The game features this gorgeous three-dimensional clock tower, standing a foot tall. The tower is filled with marbles of four distinct colors, with thirty tentacles pushing through the tower walls in every direction. Tower of Madness is a high-tension, push-your-luck dice game of Lovecraft inspired horror.

Fail your investigation dice rolls and you will be forced to draw a tentacle from the tower.

It sounds sort of like a Cthulhu Kerplunk to us, but there's no doubt it's a gorgeous looking game.

Tower of Madness launches in June (US).