Beta playtest PDF of Traveller Core Rulebook now available

Heads up tabletop game fans, specifically “Traveller” fans. Mongoose Publishing has released the pdf beta of their upcoming revamped rules (again) of the Traveller tabletop RPG. One of the Gameapalooza team is a SERIOUS Traveller RPG buff and owns pretty much everything of the original run of this game. She turned her nose up at the press release and made a funny noise. We thought some of you other tabletop gamers might appreciate knowing about it however, because we know “tabletop games news should include tabletop RPG coverage”.

Mongoods Publishing Traveller tabletop RPG rules beta test goes liveTraveller, a brilliant old tabletop RPG, getting another rules revamp.

Sean let us know via email we might be shirking things in the tabletop RPG arena because – admittedly – we do generally cover a lot of board game and card game news, over the pen and paper RPG news. Having said that, we love your feedback and we do listen, so we will try and cover some of the big tabletop RPG news happening, here in Australia and elsewhere. Grab that cuppa Sean, we’ve got your back bud.

A new Traveller has arrived, the product of many years tweaking, adjusting and listening to the thousands of players who have travelled the universe of the Far Future.

Available as a beta playtest PDF, the Traveller Core Rulebook is a 248 page adventure into the Far Future that you can directly influence over the next few months. You can grab your copy here.

If you want to check out the new revamped Traveller RPG beta test rulebook, just hit that link above, though it does appear to sport a $20USD price tag, so don’t expect a freebie. The really cool thing is the devs are listening to player feedback over on the Mongoose Publishing Traveller Forum, so if you download the new rules and think, hey that’s amazing, or oh man that sucks, you can join up and let them know, thus the beta.

Vintage Traveller role-playing game collection - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsVintage Traveller up the wazoo. Have you still got your original Traveller RPG books?

Here’s that Gameapalooza team members Traveller collection and original characters in the vintage character supplement, characters you just might recognize.

Vintage Travller RPG Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Star Wars character statsThe farm boy and the imperial noble… hmmmm.

Til tomorrow, Gameapalooza out!