Cartamundi Shuffle card games Trivial Pursuit game review:

Back with another Cartamundi card game review, this time we're looking at Shuffle Trivial Pursuit, a card game take on board game classic, Trivial Pursuit.

If you haven't read our other Shuffle game reviews we'll let you know the "Shuffle" line of games launched back in 2014 with more games added to the line later this year. They're a popular line in the mass produced game market.

The overall aim of Shuffle Trivial Pursuit is to be the first player to collect six wedge cards, one of each colour (in similar fashion to the Trivial Pursuit board game). As with other titles in the series, Shuffle Trivial Pursuit also makes good use of the free Shuffle App to change the gameplay and for quick start videos for iOS Devices, overall it works really well.

Gameplay is ridiculously easy, draw a card , play a wedge card. The player on your right draws the top question card and reads the question matching the category of your wedge. If you answer correctly, keep the wedge in front of you on the table. If you do not answer correctly, discard the wedge card. There's also a wild wedge card, in which you can answer from any category and use as any color wedge. There's also steal cards that let you steal a wedge card from other players. Mixing things up ever so slightly is the block card, enabling you to block another players steal.

That's it, first to get all the colored wedge cards is the winner. The downside of the game is after multiple plays there will be question answer recognition, which puts a huge dent on overall enjoyment.

This is a great game for families looking for something familiar, yet fast / simple to play. It's a lot of fun, it's just a shame the longevity is mired by a shortage of questions.