Orphan Black tabletop gaming!

It’s fun when boardgames pop up on TV. Last weeks episode of TV series “Orphan Black” featured tabletop game “Agricola”, fairly heavily. This isn’t the first time “Orphan Black” has featured tabletop gaming. Last year we saw Cosima and her pal Scott playing “Runewars” (by Fantasy Flight Games) in the episode “Variable and Full of Perturbation”.

Orphan Blac plays tabletop game Agricola - Gameapalooza AustraliaOrphan Back… Getting some Agricola love in the lab.

TV series Orphan Black plays Rune Wars - Gameapalooza tabletop gaming newsCosima, Scott and pals get down with Rune Wars and Cosima smashes it.

“Orphan Black” co-creator John Fawcett is allegedly a huge board gamer, so it’s cool these things are interjected into the series. In this weeks episode “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” we see another tabletop game shout out, in Scott’s apartment we see none other than “Kill Shakespeare” by IDW games.

Kill Shakespeare by IDW Games spotted in Scotts apartment in Orphan BlackKill Shakespeare by IDW Games, can you spot it?

As well as the big reveals we also see a multitude of tabletop games on the shelf in the lab and also in Scott’s apartment. “Twilight Imperium” (third edition), “Wiz-War”, “Rogue Agent”, “Mansions of Madness”, “Villainy”, “Vasco da Gama”, “Cinque Terre” (maybe?) and “Niagara”. Anyone who recognizes any of the others, hit the comments.

Dyad Institute Orphan Black boardgames shelf tabletop gaming win!Dyad has a board games shelf all its own, what else do you recognize?

Scott's games in his apartment in TV series Orphan BlackWe love Scott and clearly he has good taste in games – This guy we hate.

Rachel and Scott playing Agricola again in Orphan BlackRachel seems to have a hang of the rules, thanks to Scott. Delphine, not happy (as usual).

Keep the gaming love coming “Orphan Black”, we like it!