ComicCon Brisbane 2017 Panels with Nerds of Wisdom, sponsored by Gameapalooza and Rule & Make:

If you're heading to Brisbane ComicCon this weekend you can catch our staff writer Dave on not one, but two panels. One on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Saturday's panel is at 2pm and is titled “Don't Believe What You Read: Reviewing Board Game Reviews”. Dave will be joined by Dylan Shearer, owner of Vault Games.

In “Don't Believe What You Read: Reviewing Board Game Reviews" we look at what makes for a good and bad review. We look at some of the problems with being a reviewer. We help people look for good reviews and be a discerning and informed consumer

Sunday's panel is also at 2pm and is the Nerds of Wisdom Game Show, a pop culture quiz show. Dave will be joined by fellow Nerd of Wisdom Ricky. They will have prizes kindly donated by Aussie publisher Rule & Make and members will be invited to take part, to play games with their special guests.

Sounds like a fun time, be there if you can. Both panels take place in Toys R Us Centre Stage, ComicCon, Brisbane.