Unearth tabletop game review TL;DR

Unearth by Brotherwise Games TLDR game review

Unearth sees players going head to head taking on the roles of a tribe, desperately trying to rebuild their once glorious civilisation. A clever mixture of hand-management, blind bag draw and dice placement / worker placement, Unearth features a fairly well laid out rulebook, great components and gameplay that is both simple, yet strategic.

Setup is simple, each player gets a set of dice, two delver cards featuring your special ability choices for your turn and your first ruins card. You’ll be trying to beat your opponents score by collecting sets of ruins, but also - in a clever twist - special ruins / wonders by placing text tiles you’ll gain during the game.

The double-edged gameplay is superb and despite the randomness of the dice rolling aspect, gameplay manages great strategy. Unearth from Brotherwise Games is a must play game, I’d even say must buy. It’s beautiful, smart and would work well with any level of gamer. Definitely try and check it out if you can.