Asmodee releasing Thebes, Nations Dynasties, T.I.M.E. Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons and M.U.L.E.

Asmodee have some great games and guess what, there’s more inbound. Here’s a quick round up of what Asmodee are up to at the moment.

You probably already heard there was a new “TIME Stories” expansion coming soon (yes we do know it’s actually “T.I.M.E. Stories”, but most people will search for the simple version). That expansion is “A Prophecy of Dragons”, the follow up to the last expansion “The Marcy Case”.

“A Prophecy of Dragons” is set in an alternative Middle Ages, featuring “a weird kind of Middle Ages in which magic changed everything”. There’s no solid release date and though Q4 was mentioned, this is probably actually going to hit shelves next month (making it a Q1 2016 release).

TIME Stories A Prophecy of Dragons release info Australian tabletop game newsThe next scenario for “TIME Stories” is almost upon on, so if you’re done with Marcy….

“Nations: Dynasties” is the first big expansion for 2013 game “Nations” by designers Rustan HÃ¥kansson, Nina HÃ¥kansson, Einar Rosén & Robert Rosén. If you haven’t played “Nations” give it a shot, it’s a great civilization building game. “Nations: Dynasties” brings twelve new Nations with Dynasties to events along two new concepts: Turmoil and Natural Wonders. MSRP is $30 on this one so probably $45 here in Australia.

Nations Dynasties expansion inbound from Asmodee - Tabeltop game news australia gameapaloozaNations, a really neat game and now a proper expansion.

Next up we’ve got the Peter Prinz game “Thebes” (produced by Queen Games in Europe and around since 2007). “Thebes” sees players taking on the roles of archaeologists traveling around Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East excavating ancient sites. Asmodee are releasing “Thebes” this month to the US market (but let’s face it, most of us probably already have this one, still good to see it getting another run). Next!

Heikki Harju’s “M.U.L.E.” is also getting a release this month. The game is based on classic computer game “M.U.L.E.” from way back in 1983. Essentially an economic exploration game players use their “M.U.L.E.s” (Multiple Use Labor Elements) to harvest resources and claim territory. MSRP on this one is $70, so in terms of Aussie dollars this will be on the high end of the RRP scale (we’re guessing around $100-$110).