Wasteland Express Delivery Service – Aww Yeah!

Heads up wastelands, no no not you vault dwellers, tabletop board game wastelanders. IDW and Pandasaurus are bringing “Wasteland Express Delivery Service” to tables, though there’s no word on just when that will be.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service tabletop game from Pandasaurus and IDW games - Board game news Australia by GameapaloozaWasteland Express Delivery Service – Put it on your radar folks!

In “Wasteland Express Delivery Service” players assume the roles of – if you haven’t already guessed – delivery drivers in a mad max style post-apocalyptic wasteland. The game comes to us with some big names attached: Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchbeck (“Fleet” & “Morocco”) and Jon Gilmore (“Dead of Winter”), so it’s probably worth putting on your radar.

wasteland express delivery driver - Mad Max pizza delivery service!Wasteland Express Delivery Driver – Mad Max pizza delivery service!

We’ve added this one to our ‘games to find out more about’ list. We like a good bit of post-apocalyptic board gaming and with a bit of Tank Girl / Mad Max style aesthetic thrown in, well, what’s not to like. We’ll let you know when “Wasteland Express Delivery Service” gets a release date and price.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service board game news from gameapalooza australiaCome on dog, we’ve got deliveries to make… kinda…