We Have Goats – Kickstarter!

“We Have Goats!” has gone live at Kickstarter (the I Knew About This Before You Did edition). We’ve had our eye on this one, it looks like fun, it’s certainly out there!

Here’s the scoop: The “Hilariously Clever Tile-Laying, Goat-Racing Game with Zombie Kitty, Internet Trolls, Portals & a Chupacabrasaurus” title is a new tile-laying game in which you have a herd of goats and you need to get them into their pen. Lay the tiles to try and move your goats whilst other players and obstacles get in your way.

Game Components: * 105 Action cards * 4 Goat Pen cards * 10 Goat Locks * 8 Goat Lab cards * 12 Goat tokens * 60 gems * 40 tile cards * rules Be sure and check out all the info at the [We Have Goats official site](http://www.wehavegoats.com/), or the [We Have Goats Kickstarter](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/942347581/we-have-goats-i-knew-about-this-before-you-did-edi?ref=nav_search).