After a couple of months pondering we've decided to do away with review scores here at Gameapalooza and we want you to know why that is. We realise review scores would seem to be a quick way for readers to see if a game is good or bad, but we believe the – always included – Micro Review does a better job. All of our reviews end with a Micro Review, a summary review informing the reader as to why the game is good, bad, or other.

Micro Reviews

The Micro Review is found at the bottom of every review (full length or TL;DR reviews). It looks like this and is a summation of thoughts from the full review. Still takes seconds to peruse, better than stars.

Gameapalooza Micro Review

The problem of a 5 star review system is that you are trying to compartmentalise something that is – to some degree – idiosyncratic and certainly subjective. It also leaves no room for actual informational content, "it got 4 out of 5 stars", but why? Sure the review in its entirety will explain why that is, but for those people who scroll through to look at the score for guidance, this poses a serious problem.

Trying to capture the many nuances of a board game with a numerical score is doing you – the reader – a great disservice. Many tabletop games have become such vibrant, deep and complex beasts that it is unfair to denigrate them by way of slapping a few stars on them. They deserve better and so do our readers.

The New Review System

Most things remain the same (Huzzah!). Scores will be gone, but the Micro Review will remain and previously published reviews will be retroactively checked to ensure it is a wholly useful indication as to the game in question. It will also be made more succinct and found at the bottom of the review.

Gameapalooza Critical Hit!

Our Gameapalooza Critical Hit and Critical Miss images will remain and nothing has changed there. The Critical Hit is a game we feel is really great, worthy of being in your collection, whilst the Critical Miss is the opposite, if awarded these it will be placed at the bottom of the review just above the Micro Review.

Previews remain the same as these have never been scored.

As always we’re all for constructive feedback from our readers, so hit the contact form, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you’d like to throw in your two cents about this decision. We respond to everyone who takes the time to contact us.