Amazon Alexa board games:

UK company Sensible Object is bringing out a range of board games that utilise Amazon Alexa as games master, including teaching players the rules and running the games. "Voice Originals" is the name of the series, with the first game out titled "When In Rome".

When in Rome is a trivia game where you and your fellow players travel the world answering questions to win points. Setup is said to be a matter of opening the game and asking Amazon Alexa to "open When is Rome".

We haven't had the chance to check it out, but it sounds like the interface works well for what it is. We don't think our precious cardboard is in any danger just yet, but the potential of these home assistants leads to some really interesting questions when it comes to our hobby. Like it or not, app and digital trends seem to be sweeping in, to what extent remains to be seen.