Board Game Changer – When have you flipped the opinion switch on a tabletop game?

Today we published our latest video review by Mister Jaxon, a 2 year old tabletop gamer with very discerning tastes. Mister Jaxon knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like and when he doesn’t like a game, that’s it, he’s done. Every time he walks into his Nonna’s games room he’ll point at certain games and unequivocally state that he doesn’t like it.


Two games have made it onto Mister Jaxons poopy list, those games are IELLO’s “Pingo Pingo” and Hasbro’s “Pie Face”. The latter was played at family Christmas and Mister Jaxon wailed that people were getting hurt, even after an explanation that it was just pretend and they weren’t being hurt, nope, he was out, done with that game and so was everyone else. It was packed up and lay dormant on the shelf of dust, pointed to whenever he entered “I don’t like Pie Face, it hurt peoples”.

Pie Face by Hasbro - Game ChangerPie Face hurts people, so it gets a big thumbs down.

“Pingo Pingo” is an action based game that uses a soundtrack to initiate gameplay, get up move! Shoot! It’s a lot of fun, if a little silly.

Pingo Pingo bear - IELLO GamesTeddy Bear

Mister Jaxon was very excited to open it, he was taken with the “teddy bear” particularly (aka vicious polar bear creature), liked the cards, thought the gun was a pirate gun and everything was cool, right up until it was explained you shot at the cards – including the vicious polar bear – then, he was out, done. “I don’t like it, I don’t like it”, off to the poop shelf for “Pingo Pingo”.

Roll around this week when his Nonna says “Time for a review? How about you tell people what you think about Pingo Pingo?”, sure he says and the game is gotten out and a reminder as to how it’s played is given. Fully expecting the “I don’t like this” it was a surprise to hear “I love it!” uttered over and over again. A board gaming miracle had occurred, “Pingo Pingo” had gone from second most hated game to one of the best games ever!

This got us thinking about tabletop games we’ve hated, but then, for whatever reason, we’ve grown to love. Perhaps you never gave it enough time, perhaps you played it with the wrong group, maybe you were having an off day, whatever the case, the switch flipped and boom, you went from love to hate or hate to love in that moment.

So what games where a board game changer for you?