Where Doom Awaits the Arkham Horror LCG expansion preview:

Just a super quick post for today to let any of you Arkham Horror card game fans know Fantasy Flight games has posted a pretty sweet - and lengthy - preview of the new mythos pack Where Doom Awaits.

What doom will you find in the hills outside of Dunwich? What doom would prompt a Mythos Pack full of player cards like "I've had worse…," Fearless, and Moment of Respite? What doom can spur rifts in reality, revealing other worlds in the abysses that open between the two halves of a New England hillside?

We don't want to just cut and paste the original preview here, instead we're just letting you know about it so you can pop on over to the Fantasy Flight website and give it a read yourself. It sounds like yet another cool addition.

That's it for today, have an awesome day and remember, it's almost the weekend!