Letters from Whitechapel stand alone game Whitehall Mystery announced:

Fantasy Flight has announced a new standalone game in the Letters from Whitechapel series. Whitehall Mystery is based on the Thames Torso Murders of 1887–89, which took place around the time Jack the Ripper was doing his evil deeds. The Metropolitan Police said there was no connection between the Ripper murders and the torso murders, but the game takes artistic licence.

In 1888, construction of the New Scotland Yard in London’s Whitehall District comes to a screeching halt when a woman’s torso is left on the police’s doorstep. Though somewhat out of character with the most recent wave of brutal murders, the grisly nature of the crime can only mean one thing: Jack the Ripper has returned.

Yes the Ripper is apparently back, leaving limbs throughout the city and a new team of experts needs to hunt the madman down in Whitehall Mystery.

Two to four players take on the roles of Jack himself or the real-life Investigators who famously took on the case at the height of the Ripper’s reign of terror. The game expands the Letters from Whitechapel universe by introducing three new Investigators, including journalist Jasper T.C. Waring and his loyal dog Smoker, surgeon Thomas Bond, and Sergeant Arthur Ferris.

Whitehall Mystery is set to release Q3 this year. If you'd like to read a whole lot more about the game Fantasy Flight has a full announcement post over at their site.