Why I never bought the board game Scythe

Yesterday I had the opportunity to buy Stonemaier Games new title “Scythe”. I was tempted, both because I’m a bit of a Jamey Stegmaier fan (the guy who runs Stonemaier) and I like games that think outside of the box. I missed the kickstarter because at the time I couldn’t afford to opt in, the guy selling it didn’t miss it and was now price gouging to the tune of $250. Now fair enough you snooze you lose and he’s entitled to sell a game at any price he sees fit, so here’s the thing, it wasn’t the price that stopped me.

Stonemaier Games Scythe on Kickstarter - Australian board game news and reviews by GameapaloozaBoxart for Stonemaier Games Scythe, now available on Kickstarter

Last week I had an epiphany, kind of similar to one my fellow staff writer David has been talking about recently (Ten by Ten Challenge Part One and Part Two), that epiphany is, when I buy a game, am I getting my monies worth from it. I looked “Scythe” over and it was one hefty box, but it’s also one fairly heavy game. Now though I love a heavy game, most of my group loathe them, so I rarely get them to the table. I wanted to buy it just to have it, it’s another beautifully crafted game from Jamey Stegmaier, but it would get gazed at more than played.


It’s a tough call if you’re a collector to not want to buy every game that looks awesome, but when you look at the money being spent as an investment, and you work out you’re never going to get that investment back, well would you make that kind of investment anywhere else in life? Probably not.

There’s little doubt “Scythe” is a beautiful game and it’s one I am definitely hoping to play, but it will just need to be someone elses copy.