Why I Stopped Using Kickstarter:

Hi fellow gamers! So, I thought I'd share my Kickstarter ups and downs with you all and tell you why I no longer Kickstart board games. I'm hoping this will be useful to those of you questioning wether it's a worthwhile endeavour.

Since I started using Kickstarter regularly I've backed many board games / board game related projects. I reached a point where I would back things I was even slightly interested in, if they weren't likely to get a retail release. All because of FOMO.

Now I don't even look at my account, I'm just waiting on all the games arriving this year that I backed last year. The feeling of discontent all started when I backed the Lobotomy board game in August 2015 and still never had it in late 2017 (was supposed to deliver Aug 2016). I decided to ask for a refund, given it was over a year late. Titan Forge Games wouldn't give me a refund of the $200 despite me being able to buy the game here now for $90 (as seen in a FLGS). Their treatment and responses have been mansplainy and unhelpful, apparently it cost money to make their game so they can refund me $70 (yeah they'll refund me $70 of the $200 I gave them).

That's where my hatred of Kickstarter began, with Titan Forge Games screwing me to the tune of $130 (actually $200 as I have declined their ridiculous offer of the $70).

As well as this I began to realise many games I backed hit retail long before I received them, so really, what's the point (and cheaper). Delays occur, but those delays don't seem to translate to game convention releases, just backers (particularly Aussie backers).

But what about all those exclusives!

That's why I started using Kickstarter, but I've since come to realise, they're really not that important. If a game is fun, does it matter if you're lacking the gold encrusted meeple? Also no one truly likes this guy: "Oh you only have the regular edition?"... Pfft.

I admit I've got board game acquisition disorder. I see a good review and I want it, but I'm changing, I'm working on it (as you will see in my follow up article in my new column Tales from the Cardboard Oasis). I'm stopping my Kickstarter addiction. I'll wait for the retail release unless it's something never ever coming to retail (though, even then it may be cheaper to just get it off someone who didn't care for it after the KS release).

I imagine if you are in America your experiences probably differ re delivery times and costs. We Aussies do tend to get completely rorted for shipping on Kickstarter.

Can I live without Kickstarter? Sure I can, I really need to spend more time with the games I already own. Don't let FOMO ruin the joy of the games you already own or can buy in your FLGS / online straight away. Board games are fun, they'll still be fun without Kickstarter exclusives.

That's my story, I'd love to hear yours. Hit up the Gameapalooza Facebook Page with your Kickstarter thoughts. Are you slowing down in 2018, or ramping it up due to the sheer amount of games being released on the platform?