Tabletop Season 4 detailed by Wil Wheaton

Will Wheaton has dished the dirt on just what we can expect to see in Tabletop Season 4. It’s been a long wait between seasons (or so it feels), but Season 4 should launch at the beginning of June, though that is not set in stone. Two games that are set in stone are “Lanterns” and “Codenames”. If you have a memory that’s crazy good you will know we reported “Lanterns” would be in Season 4 of Tabletop back in October last year. Wheaton will be joined by Becca Scott and Ivan Norman and perhaps “Pillowlord”. If you watch Geek & Sundry you’ll know those names.

Wil Wheaton Tabletop Season 4 - Lanterns Codenames includedWil, Becca and Ivan play Lanterns appearing on Tabletop Season 4

From 450 or so games submitted for approval they’re down to around 85 games they’re play testing. That will be whittled down to around 18-20. Due to the debacle of rulegate last year, they’ve also asked someone from a games publisher to aid in making sure they’re being played correctly.

Lastly Tiny Epic Galaxies might make the cut. I guess we’ll see come June.