Wombat Rescue by Matt Wolfe on Kickstarter

Another Aussie themed game is presently on Kickstarter, so we thought we’d give it a shout out. “Wombat Rescue” by designer Matt Wolfe – in conjunction with Eagle Games – is “a strategy board game about building smell networks so you can rescue your baby wombats”. Dawwww how cute.

The game has already made its Kickstarter goal, but there’s still 4 days left if you want a piece of the wombat action. As stated in the descriptor, “Wombat Rescue” is not a children’s game, despite that gorgeous colorful boxart. The suggested age is 10+ and that’s fine with us.

It’s kind of cool non Aussies are using iconic Aussie animals in their titles. What we need now is an Australian tabletop game designer to come up with something about Kangaroos and we’ll have the trifecta, Koala’s, Wombats and Kangaroos.

Wombat Rescue by Matt Wolfe and Eagle GamesWombat Rescue – Adorable, who doesn’t want it.

Check out “Wombat Rescue” on Kickstarter, but be quick!