X-Files: Conspiracy Theory from IDW games releases in March:

With the X-Files back for another season, IDW games think March is a great time to release their latest game based on the franchise, "X-Files: Conspiracy Theory".

A 3-8 player game, X-Files: Conspiracy Theory sees players taking on the roles of either FBI Agent Fox Mulder or his superiors who try and deduce how the others are going to vote, based on Mulder's outlandish stories.

It sounds pretty good, but it's IDW, based on a TV IP, by someone named Matt Fantastic (yeah, really) and there's no mention of playing Dana Scully, which to us, isn't really The X-Files.

There's a second game mode in which players are witnesses. That play mode is based on the brilliant Jose Chung episode, so that sounds like it could be fun.

If you're swayed at the thought of getting your X-Files on without Agent Scully (who though on the box, doesn't seem to have a role according to the presser), X-Files: Conspiracy Theory is set to release to the US market in March, expect an Aussie release in the months after.