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Z-Man Games seem to be releasing a slew of games already this year and here’s another one. Hadara (Arabic for culture) is a new civ builder set to release in the US in Spring (their spring).

Hadara board game Z-Man Games 2019 release

Hadara from Z-Man Games, it certainly looks pretty

Hadara features a unique card selection system. In the center of the board a rotating wheel has five creatures: a dragon, a pegasus, a lion, a monkey, and a scarab, each representing a player’s civilization. During each epoch, players will draw from the deck that their civilization’s symbol on the wheel is pointing to. Then the wheel will rotate, offering new opportunities for each player. The cards you choose will allow you to increase your income, claim colonies, complete statues, feed your populace, or give you unique effects for the game ahead. When drawing cards and choosing who to recruit for your civilization, you must think carefully and make tactical decisions. Your opponents may have the opportunity to recruit someone you didn’t.

Shape your civilization, stymie your opponents, and create a legacy for the ages! Hadara will be $59.99 USD on release.

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