Majesty: For the Realm from Z-Man Games:

All hail your majesty! Z-Man Games has announced "Majesty: For the Realm", a new 2-4 player game from designer Marc André and illustrator Anne Heidsieck and we've got to say, it's rather pretty.

You will play the king or queen of the realm, trying to grow your power and your regions with buildings and subjects. Here's some of the blurb:

In Majesty, the workers at the mill generate grain which can be sold to produce a good portion of the gold that fills your treasury. This makes them the cornerstone of any prosperous kingdom. But you will need more than millers and grain if you are going to make a mark on history.

What will we build next?

Stay tuned, as each Monday Z-Man will annoyingly tease out a little more info for Majesty: For the Realm!