Zombicide Board Game Review

Zombicide was a hugely popular Kickstarter when it hit back in 2012, since then it's gone onto great retail success, spawning (tee hee) expansion and other games in the series. We've got the low down on what we think of Zombicide as a game. Does it live up to the hype, what's right with it, what's wrong with it. Stay with us as we delve into Cool Mini or Not title Zombicide.

Zombicide by Cool Mini or Not - Game review by Gameapalooza for Australian tabletop board game news and reviewsZombicide – Can you survive the zombie hordes?

Setup & Gameplay
Zombicide is a horror themed miniatures game that sees players trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. At the beginning of a game, players choose a character of the 6 available characters (all sort of silly stereotypes, but fun nevertheless), all of which have various special abilities, weapons, movement etc. If you fail to get the character you wanted, don't fret, it really doesn't affect the gameplay overly.

Setup sees the board tiles laid out, dependent on the scenario you're playing, this is all laid out in the rulebook. Characters are set in the starting place, zombie spawn points are set, door tokens are set. That's a very basic run-through of how it all works, overall it takes a little bit of time to set up, but it's less annoying than say Zombie 15 wherein you know you spent 15 minutes setting it up and the game is only going to last that long as well.

As with majority of zombie themed games, the louder you are, the more the zombies will be drawn to you and yes, you can kick on those aforementioned doors in (flipping the counters). Some weapons too will make noise, some are silent, again this is all clearly noted on weapon cards.

On a players turn they can take advantage of their three actions, these are essentially move, search (if they're in a searchable area) and of course combat. Zombies will then get their turn after the players. The zombies on the board all move, if they can see you they're moving toward you, if they can't see you, but can hear something, they're going to move toward the sound. If you happen to be stuck in a space with a zombie, you are going to get hit and take a wound). Next the zombies spawn, yup, more zombies for you and your pals to deal with. Rinse and repeat for the most part and that is the overall premise of the game, without going into every rule and special rules concerning weapons, characters and of course zombies.

“Zombicide” adds a few additional things to the undead pot, like the level tracker. The more experience you accrue the cooler your actions might become, of course it also means the zombies spawning become more deadly too.

Gameplay is pretty tight in Zombicide for the most part. It has a few moments of can we do this?, but you can easily find the answers online as most people have had similar issue. Once you know the rules, you know the rules, so don't let that put you off too much because this is a quality title. That's not to say it's a perfect game by any means, it does have a few annoying rules, but you can house rule these, so it's neither here nor there. Example, it's annoying if one of the players dies early on in the game, also the friendly fire rule of automatically hitting other survivors is dumb. See below.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Yes it is annoying if one of the players dies early on in the game, so we tend to let players bring a character back with a new name (or whole new character if one is available). We also tend to ignore the friendly fire rule of automatically hitting other survivors, instead saying there is a 1 in 4 chance on a 4 sided die. Roll a 1, you hit a friend, as opposed to it just being the way it is.

2-5 Players
Ages: 10+
Setup Time: A few minutes
Play Time: 40-80 minutes

Zombicide Game Review by Australian board game news and reviews site GameapaloozaZombicide Game Review – A sweet.. sweet zombie genre game with a few little problems

Game Build Quality
Speaking of quality, here we are again, looking at how well this game is made. Zombicideâ is a really well made game, the miniatures are great, the board pieces are great and the box is big and sturdy. If we needed to try and find something negative about it it might be that the player cards could do with being slightly thicker, but they're really no different to a lot of other player cards in a whole lot of other games. Overall the build quality of Zombicide is what we've come to expect from the games publisher CMON, quality, quality, quality.

We've played quite a few zombie games in our time and Zombicide is one of our favorites. Overall if you're looking for a great zombie themed game, you could do far worse than Zombicide. Even with the sheer amount of zombie games presently on the market, Zombicide stands close to the top of the heap. Add to this the overall quality and fairly tight gameplay, along with a bunch of expansions being available (including a whole new version in the form of Zombicide: Black Plague and we think Zombicide is a must buy for any fan of the zombie genre. If you love your zombies and you're looking for a new highly thematic zombie game, we highly recommend Zombicide. Mmmmmm brains.